Introduction: Life without Gluten

Life without Gluten

You can read about what gluten is and why people eat it if you click this link. Now we will look into inconveniences associated with gluten intolerance.

Gluten has always been in bread. Flour contains gluten which gets there from wheat grain. We deal with the product of selection. Everything is easy: the more protein the grain contains the better quality pastry we get, and the tastier is bread, pasta and even doughnuts. Each year the percentage of protein in grain grew more and more, and the percentage of protein called "gluten" grew as well. Now there is data that from 1 up to 3% of people have allergy on gluten. Đ¢his number is not large. But it is enough for the market to respond with gluten-free products. It's always so nice to be the first and exclusive seller. Target confidently occupies the niche of gluten-free products. Gluten-free diet has become a trend. And now not only people suffering from celiac but also people not sensitive to gluten follow this diet. And the number of the latter is more than 3%. Having to follow gluten-free diet is the main and probably the only drawback, however now we understand that people can easily cope with it.

Many people take this issue serious and gluten may become a big problem in the future. Many TV programs and Internet blogs are devoted to gluten and ways to minimize its impact on the human body. They mostly focus on gluten-free products. The gluten-free kitchen blogs tell about special diets, about places to buy gluten-free products, who needs gluten-free diet, and for who following it is optional. This information can really be useful to you.