Best Gluten-Free Kitchen Blogs

Gluten-Free Cooking at Home

People with Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity know all too well all the trials and tribulations that come with gluten-free cooking at home. How to determine what ingredients are safe? How to protect from cross contamination? How to make stuff taste good? And finally - how to shop without breaking the bank?

Fortunately for us, we are not the first ones to travel this road. Many have done that before and are willing to share their experiences and lessons learned with us. These experts can tell a lot about cooking at home, blending flours, and finding safe foods while traveling and eating out.

Some of the bloggers are expert chefs; others are home cooks, while others yet are traveling high schoolers with passion for food and stories. So grab your flours, measuring cups, wooden spoons, and get ready to create something gluten-free and amazing. These are 10 best blogs of the year:

  1. Gluten-Free Fun

    Erin Smith is the creator of the blog and well known in the GF community for many years. She's been diagnosed with celiac disease in the 80's and lived gluten-free when it wasn't popular yet. The blog was created in 2007 and is full of great advice, recipes, lifestyle tips, and educational resources.

    She reviews food products and educates about eating out when traveling at her website In addition to those two initiatives, she also organizes well known NYC Celiac Meetup for over 2,000 members.

  2. Celiac Disease Foundation

    Elaine Monarch created the foundation in 1990. Its purpose is to improve the lives of celiac patients and those living with wheat sensitivity. This non-profit organization has been vital in many significant developments, such as creating the blood test still used today during the first serology shop. They also are very important proponents for GF labeling laws and disability benefits.

    CDF funds and hosts various expos. You can find their schedule on the website. The site also has educational material about the disease and how to live with it and spread awareness.

  3. Gluten Dude

    His name is a mystery, but his blog is a treasure trove for all affected by celiac disease. You will find educational, informative, raw, and funny advice about living with GF diet. New visitors have newbie area designated for them; there is also a hot topic section, love stories, travel advice, interviews, and more. The website hosts a forum, where you can meet people affected by gluten intolerance in your area and read local restaurant reviews.

  4. Gluten Free Diva

    Gluten Free diva is Ellen Allard. She received her diagnosis in 2005 and immediately embraced it. She now knew why she was a skinny kid with bloated belly and why she never felt good. She loves her lifestyle, diet, and everything that comes with it so much that she became a certified holistic health coach. Her blog is funny and informative. Reading her blog you will feel like you are having conversations with a good friend.

  5. Celiac and the Beast

    She loves Disney and she loves knowing what ailment she has to live and to work with. Erica Dermer talks about her life on the blog, she also gives GF product reviews, informs about upcoming GF events and expos, and talks about her book.

    She is opinionated, but in a funny way. You are guaranteed to laugh reading her honest reviews. She is a respected speaker at various GF events and has time dedicated to meeting with people.

  1. Allergic Living

    Gwen Smith founded it in 2005 after her own struggles with food allergies. The website and print magazine are very well known in allergy, asthma, and celiac communities. Both sources provide tips, advice, breaking news, recipes, resources, and even "Ask the Allergist" section for your questions to specialists.

    You can try various true and tried recipes and read lots of material from Celiac Expert Section.

  2. My Gluten-Free Kitchen

    Michelle Palin fell in love with cooking in 7th grade and has been creating wonderful treats ever since. She has been passionate about baking cookies, cupcakes, and sweets in every shape and form, so receiving celiac disease diagnosis in 2010 changed her life quite a bit. Her new passion became cooking GF goodies and showing people that the disease can't win if you won't let it. Despite some limitations, you can still enjoy life to the fullest and eat all you want with modifications.

  3. Celiac Corner

    Paula Gardner had two goals in mind when she created Celiac Corner. She wanted to reach as many people as possible to inform about the disease and to help readers transition to GF lifestyle seamlessly. The site is educational and supportive, greeting new readers with a message for those that just received the diagnosis.

    She posts lots of recipes from GF cooks, provides resources, and good doses of positive thinking.

  4. Noshtastic

    Sheena Strain received her celiac diagnosis in 2010 and her son got his just a few months later. So she had to learn about GF cooking for both of them. She started the blog in the process and now shares wonderful pictures and recipes with followers.

    She also loves to travel, so readers can join her food journey and venture out themselves without fear.

  5. YumUniverse

    Heather Crosby changed her lifestyle when she started having issues related to her diet. She started the blog in 2010 and it has been going strong. The beginning was one new recipe per week until she had so many that they just needed to be shared. Think comfort foods made with healthier ingredients and fermented foods.

    To become more informed she became certified plant-based specialist and authored two books: "YumUniverse" and "Pantry to Plate".