Top 10 Gluten-Free Products at Target

Target is one of the best stores to check when looking for gluten free products. What's more the store is constantly adding new products so customers can always try something new and avoid having to purchase the same products again and again. So if you regularly shop at Target here is the list of the most popular gluten free items to buy at Target.

Gluten-Free Wine
  1. Wine

    Even though all wines are considered to be free of gluten some companies do use wheat paste to bind their aging casks and this can result in cross-contamination. For people with Celiac gluten sensitivity this can be a problem. We recommend looking into your wine brand of choice so you could figure out whether the wine you prefer may actually contain gluten. Target offers a nice selection of wines, including gluten free options one can trust. For example, Cupcake and Yellowtail wine brands available at Target clearly state on their websites that they do not use gluten in the production process.

  2. Granola

    If you are looking for some delicious snacks to keep in your desk drawer at work consider trying Van's Chewy Chocolate Granola. If you are lucky you can even find it on sale! It is definitely one of the best gluten free granolas you can only find.

  3. Amy's Mexican Casserole

    All of Amy's products are truly great, but the Mexican Casserole is the absolute winner. The Mexican Casserole together with some tortilla chips will make a fantastic take-to-work lunch.

  4. Van's Frozen Waffles

    If you grew up on Eggo waffles, these ones are sure to make you feel nostalgic. You can even offer them to the friends who are not big fans of gluten free products and they will never guess that the waffles they try don't contain gluten. Since it's hard for find time for making waffles from scratch during the busy working week, Van's Frozen Waffles will come in handy next time you want to make some tasty treat within minutes.

  5. Horizon Gluten Free Macaroni & White Cheddar Cheese

    If you love boxed macaroni and cheese, we recommend trying Horizon's gluten free items, the white cheddar variety in particular. Make sure you have a box of it just in case. On returning home late from work you can still have a delicious dinner due to this incredible and healthy product, ideal for mac and cheese emergencies.

Gluten-free Cheese
  1. Evol Uncured Bacon Macaroni & Cheese

    Well, Evol's bacon mac and cheese is really awesome. Once you try this product you will find it difficult to live without. The only drawback of Evol Uncured Bacon Macaroni & Cheese is the small portion size, so they will make a delicious side dish. Plus they are often on sale at Target with additional Cartwheel savings.

  2. Yogurt Covered Pretzels

    If you try yogurt covered pretzels from different brands you will see that these are even more delicious than gluten-full varieties. They are definitely worth trying. Even people who typically eat food that contains gluten will find these really awesome! Seriously, they are amazing.

  3. Yogurt

    By the way, when it comes to yogurt many people just pay no or little attention to whether it is gluten free or not. Naturally, most yogurts are gluten free, but those with mix-ins may contain gluten. Target has a fantastic selection of trusted and reputable brands and they are regularly offered with steep discounts. Only at Target can you get delicious pumpkin- or coffee-flavored Chobani for just 90 cents each.

  4. Larabar Bites
  5. All Larabar products are gluten free and first-rate quality, and all they are extremely tasty. If you are working in the office you can keep a bag of Larabar Bites in your desk drawer in case you suddenly feel hungry.

  6. Glutino Chocolate Chip Cookies

    These are the tastiest gluten free cookies around, honestly. They will hardly last the entire weekend so nothing can compare to their refined distinctive flavor.